October 22, 2018 | Fountain Goes Dark So There Will Be Light

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Friends and neighbors:

The Fountain at The Circle has been temporarily drained and left dark in the evening in order for some needed repairs to be made to its electrical system. It was drained Sunday, Oct. 21; the repairs are scheduled to take place this week.

Draining the fountain was necessary to allow for the inspection and likely replacement of some of the lighting fixture parts in the main pool, where a short-circuit has been diagnosed. You may have noticed the fountain has been only half illuminated for the past several weeks. That was due to the short-circuit. It should be fixed now that the needed parts have arrived and the city electricians can get to the work.

During this down time, we are hoping the city can also replace one of the timers that operate the fountain pumps. The timers, for the pumps and the lights, allow us to regulate when the fountain is operating and illuminated. For several months now, we have turned off the lights and pumps during the wee hours, both to save energy and to discourage late-night vandalism. We find the practice has paid off.

As always, it is important to note that this work is being done, and in a timely manner, thanks to the support of the Friends of the Fountain and Walk community. While the city is providing the technical expertise for these repairs, the parts and supplies were purchased with funds provided by donors to FOFW. Your support of our mission to ensure the continued health of the fountain and adjacent Fountain Walk for the good of the community for years to come ensures that needed repairs like this can be made.

If all goes as planned, the fountain should be back to its full glory soon — in time for FOFW’s 25th anniversary celebration and to be decorated in style for the holiday season. Stay tuned for developments!

— Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk


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