September 10, 2014 | Lower Fountain Walk Planting

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Today was a very successful day! City staff and volunteers worked together to dig holes, plant new drought tolerant, deer resistant plants, install irrigation and mulch. The irrigation is set up so that a hose may be hooked up to water the plants until they get established, and the rains begin. The neighbors have offered to provide the water, so thank you to them!

Thank you to:

  • Mike Gray, Friends of the Fountain and Walk (FOFW) board member, for the idea
  • Pam Boland, Senior Landscape Gardener, City of Berkeley, for organizing the City’s participation in this project
  • City staff (about 24), for providing the expertise and muscle for the project
  • Berkeley Path Wanderers Association, for sending people to help
  • FOFW volunteers and neighbors; some took off from work to help

This was a wonderful community effort. City staff prepared a delicious lunch for all of us in the Community Center at Live Oak Park.

Here are some photos of the event.

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