November 9, 2019 | A Sold-out Northbrae/FOFW History Event

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Friends and neighbors:

On Thursday, Nov. 7, nearly 150 people filled Northbrae Community Church’s Haver Hall to join Friends of the Fountain and Walk for an evening exploring the history of our neighborhood, the church itself, architect John Hudson Thomas and the work of FOFW in preserving Northbrae’s landmark fountain and walk.

Those in attendance heard a welcome from District 5 Berkeley City Councilmember Sophie Hahn; a presentation about Northbrae Community Church from Associate Minister Carolyn West; the history of Northbrae and FOFW from board members Charlie Wilson, Karen Borst-Rothe and Michael Gray; and, from historian Dave Weinstein, a survey of the work of architect John Hudson Thomas, whose works are all across Berkeley, including several Northbrae homes and buildings, including Haver Hall.

Attendees also were able to purchase merchandise offered by FOFW, the Berkeley Path Wanderers, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, and Hope Alper, whose new children’s book, “The Chanukah Bears of Marin Circle,” has just come out.

FOFW board members Jim Reynolds, Steve Weindel, Christine McIntyre and Leo Rainer were instrumental in making sure the evening was a success.

This was the second historical presentation by FOFW in the past year. We are hoping to offer more such programming, along with walking tours, in the months to come. Stay tuned for news of those events.

— Michael Gray for the FOFW Board

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  • Jane Andersen says:

    Did anyone record this presentation? I was out of town so could not attend but would LOVE to have heard this presentation. We need to record some of these historic events so the information can be kept for future generations!

    • Friends of the Fountain and Walk says:

      Hello. We did not record it, but we hope to post soon the powerpoint presentation wit the accompanying script for anyone to read. Stay tuned!

      • Jane Andersen says:

        Thank you and please let everyone know when you post that! I have run into several people who also missed the event and would really like to hear/read/look at it if possible!

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