December 28, 2021 | An Accident at The Circle

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Friends and neighbors:

This was to be a year-end note expressing our gratitude to everyone who has shown their support for Friends of the Fountain and Walk this year, especially our devoted volunteers and those who have responded so generously to our annual holiday mailing. It is truly touching to see just how much this community values the Fountain at The Circle, Fountain Walk and the work FOFW does with the city to preserve and maintain them.

Well, this post will still do that, but a bit of sudden bad news has to be addressed as well. This morning (12/28), a large beer delivery truck going around The Circle veered onto the center island and ran over several of the protective concrete pylons around its perimeter. It knocked down, broke and/or half-buried about 8 or 9 pylons along the western edge of the island facing lower Marin Ave.

The good news: The fountain itself was undamaged, the city has a store of replacement pylons that can be installed, and a neighbor who heard the accident managed to gather information needed to reach the driver and his company. Not so good news: The accident may mean the seasonal lights strung around the island will need to be shut off, and the work to replace the pylons likely needs to wait until the weather and the ground dries out. Temporary barricades are going up; please drive carefully.

But back to where this note started: Your continuing generosity means that FOFW is poised to help deal with this or any other emergency that might arise, as well as take on other projects to enhance these community landmarks, such as the new fence installed below the Mendocino-Los Angeles median and the repairs to the historic balustrade along Fountain Walk that were completed recently.

So thanks again. Until all the fountain decor comes down early next month, the grizzly bear cubs will continue to greet passers-by in their seasonal finery. And they’ll be there to oversee the repairs to today’s accident, too.

Have a safe, happy and healthy new year.

— Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk
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1 Comment

  • Eileen says:

    What a wonderful message! Thanks for letting us know about the accident and for your group’s ongoing care of the fountain and walk.

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