July 9, 2022 | Another Accident at The Circle

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Friends and neighbors:

On Thursday, July 7, a large truck entering The Circle from The Arlington ran up onto the the center island and knocked down two of the concrete bollards on the rim of the island. Some neighbors who witnessed it managed to get the ID of the company that apparently owns the truck and get that to police and the city maintenance crew that will aim to repair the damage as soon as possible. The Fountain at The Circle was undamaged.

This is the second such accident in the past year, both involving large trucks going though The Circle. There have also been a few incidents involving smaller vehicles in recent years that have knocked a few bollards askew. And the white-painted curb on the center island is scarred black from tires that have bumped up against it. It sometimes seems amazing that there are not more vehicle collisions, too.

These accidents and near-accidents are a good reminder to all of us to take it easy when driving through the traffic circle. There are seven or eight streets that enter or exit The Circle, and the road is only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. It can be a frustrating situation to navigate, as some drivers hesitate while others zoom through, and some seem to have no idea how to enter or exit. But please try to keep cool as you go through, for your own safety, the safety of others and the continued safety of the fountain and other historical elements of this neighborhood landmark.

Thanks, and happy driving.

— Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk

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  • Claudia Gray says:

    I have been thinking about a way to slow down the traffic entering the Circle. Put “bumps” at the entrance of every street that enters the Circle. That will keep the “non yielders” and “non-stoppers” from rushing into the Circle.

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