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Today was the forty-first day of the repairs to the fountain. Here is what was done, followed by some photos:

City Parks Department staff worked on remedying the water not coming out of the top (crown jet fountainhead) as before. They installed a few more pipes to make the temporary setup permanent. This should allow the water to come out of the crown jet fountainhead a bit higher.

The Electrical Department worked on trouble shooting to find out why the four pool lights were not working. Every time they are turned on, the GFCI trips the circuit breaker off. They began to replace one light fixture, and they will continue trouble shooting tomorrow. Once they complete their work, the sealant gel that they use in the junction box, which is submerged under water, must cure for two days. It is likely that the fountain will not be running until next week.

Thank you for your patience, and for your help in making this happen. Please follow my progress reports. Scroll down on this blog for details on the work and why it’s needed.

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