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Today was the forty-fourth day of the repairs to the fountain. Here is what was done, followed by some photos:

City Parks Department staff worked on a few remaining items: they used expanding foam insulation to fill in where the concrete had been removed to install the new plumbing; they completed the drain for the middle bowl; they installed the ladder on the vault door to save on space in the vault; they installed a wooden “stop” on the vault door for storing the ladder; they filled dirt in where they had removed it to access some of the piping; they removed the new cartridge filter, as it leaks; they installed the old cartridge filter; and they adjusted the wooden spacer on the torsion spring on the vault door for better clearance.

The old cartridge filter also leaks, so we have temporarily left the filter pump system off. The new cartridge filter is under warranty and will be replaced as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and for your help in making this happen. Please follow my progress reports when additional work is done.

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