June 14, 2021 | Fountain at The Circle Back in Business

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Friends and neighbors:

Just a quick note to say that a major leak discovered in the plumbing on the fountain island has been repaired and the fountain is flowing again. Thanks very much to the city staff who located and fixed the problem.

We continue to monitor another smaller leak in what appears to be the irrigation system (which does not affect the fountain). Hoping that can be completely repaired soon.

And a gentle reminder that as warmer days arrive, and it becomes tempting to get into the fountain to cool off, doing so is not advised. Sitting on the edge and putting your feet in is probably fine, but playing in the fountain poses slipping and other hazards for kids and adults alike. And please NEVER climb on the central fountain structure. Though it is cast concrete, there are fine details in some of its decorations that are quite fragile.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation, and, as always, for your support.

— The Board of Directors

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