April 25, 2021 | Fountain Repair Update: Close to Done

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Friends and neighbors:

After six weeks of being shut down, we hope the Fountain at The Circle will be back in operation very soon.

In recent days, City of Berkeley technicians have been able to replace crucial elements of the fountain’s operating system, including a new main pump (which powers the fountain to flow) and auto-fill valve (which helps regulate the fountain’s water level). Work has also been done to install a new chlorinator (to prevent algae and bacteria buildup) and to replace outmoded analog timers that control the pumps with digital timers that more effectively regulate the fountain’s operation.

In coming days, the city staff plans to refill and begin running the fountain to check that all the new equipment is working properly.

One final concern yet to be determined is whether there may be a leak in one of the pipes connecting the fountain to the pumping system in the vault. That can only be evaluated after the fountain is operating again.

Some other good news: A masonry expert has inspected the concrete structure of the fountain and has found no cause for concern. A few cracks that have developed in the wall of the main pool can be easily repaired, and he believes there is no cause for concern about the integrity of the central fountain elements.

As we’ve noted previously, 2021 marks the 25th year of the “new” Fountain at The Circle’s existence – a landmark anniversary that we hope to mark is some way. We hope that these actions will ensure the fountain is in shape to run smoothly for at least another 25 years.

Please check back for further updates.

–Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk

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1 Comment

  • Ann Johnson says:

    Thank you for your efforts, the fountain brings me much joy–enough, even to brave the crazy traffic around it from time to time.

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