December 10, 2018 | Happy Holidays from FOFW!

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Friends and neighbors:

Happy holidays from Friends of the Fountain and Walk!

If you have been by The Circle recently, you’ve seen that the fountain has donned its seasonal finery once again. We hope this annual display brings a little light and joy into your holiday season.

You also may have noticed a few masons out around the perimeter of The Circle working on the balustrade that surrounds it. Time, age and the occasional movement of the earth has led to some significant cracks in the top and bottom rails of this more than century-old structure. The crew from Hans Thiering Masonry has just about completed the work, cleaning and filling the cracks and, we hope, solidifying the balustrade for years to come. (They will also be making a repair on the rim of the fountain’s main pool.)

Enabling repairs like this to the fountain and adjacent Fountain Walk is a key part of the mission of FOFW. It is a role we have played for 25 years now, since our small, all-volunteer neighborhood nonprofit was founded by a group of nearby residents in 1993. Ever since, FOFW has partnered with the City of Berkeley to maintain and improve these historic treasures, augmenting what the city is able to do.

But there is an equally important partner – you, our community of volunteers, donors and supporters. Work such as the balustrade repairs and resources like the décor around the fountain are made possible thanks to your generosity. Tax-deductible donations to FOFW help ensure that these and other efforts, whether urgent or ongoing, can be carried out.

So as 2018 and the first quarter-century of Friends of the Fountain and Walk come to an end, please consider making a gift that will help ensure these historic treasures will continue to be cared for and remain a joy for all of us. You can donate safely and securely online by clicking here, or on the Donate button at the top of the page.

You can also find out here how to get involved with FOFW as a volunteer, from helping out at our monthly work parties, to joining the fountain maintenance crew, to possibly joining our board. Or simply show your support by clicking Join and become an official Friend.

Thanks again to all our friends and neighbors. And particular thanks to the neighbors all around The Circle who help FOFW carry out its mission, to the responsive and energetic City of Berkeley staff who work with us, and to City Councilmember Sophie Hahn, who has helped FOFW in numerous ways this year. We wish everyone a warm and wonderful holiday season.

–Karen Borst-Rothe, Michael Gray, Patricia McKee, Leo Rainer, Jim Reynolds, Steve Weindel, Charles Wilson

Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk

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