November 19, 2018 | Fountain Empty, Waiting for Rain …

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Friends and neighbors:

You will notice that the Fountain at The Circle is empty and dark this evening (Monday, Nov. 19). That is due to a second act of vandalism in a week. Someone(s) put detergent in the fountain to create soap suds sometime late Sunday or early Monday. A pointless and aggravating act that only results in wasted water, wasted time, and potential damage to the fountain works.

The good news: These juvenile pranks are the first we have experienced in many months, after we instituted some measures designed to discourage them. And significant rain is forecast for Tuesday evening, which should help wash away the residual soap after one of our volunteers spent time today draining and cleaning the three fountain basins as best he could.

We expect the fountain to be up and running again in another day or so, after the rain begins. Until then it will be dry and dark. We hope that whoever decided that ruining the enjoyment of this city landmark for everyone else was too good an opportunity to pass up might gain some understanding of how his or her (or their) action is not innocent or fun. It is irresponsible and pointless.

— Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk

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