October 6, 2014 | Keep the Fountain Sign-Free!

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It’s the final few weeks of the fall election campaign, which means signs for and against candidates, ballot measures and more will be popping up everywhere on the landscape, competing for eyeballs with open house sandwich boards  and garage and estate sale signs that appear year-round. It’s a sign of a healthy democracy at work.

The Circle at the juncture of Marin and Arlington avenues is a popular spot for these signs, and why not: An estimated 30,000-plus cars make their way around The Circle each weekday, entering from and exiting onto any of seven different streets. But the Friends of the Fountain and Walk politely request that NO signs of any kind be placed on the island surrounding the fountain in the center of The Circle, and be kept to the sidewalks and strips of lawn around the perimeter. The same goes for any in-person politicking on Election Day itself. Think of the fountain island as a sort of mini-Switzerland – an officially neutral site.

We want those passing through The Circle to be able to view the fountain, the restored first work of public art in Berkeley, without any obstruction. We also don’t want signs there that may take a driver’s eyes off the upcoming entry and exit points in The Circle for too long, causing a fender-bender or worse. Finally, it can be dangerous crossing from the perimeter of The Circle onto the island in the center at any time of day.

So if you need to post a sign at The Circle, please place it around the perimeter, NOT on the island. We appreciate your cooperation. And good luck to all the candidates, garage salers and home sellers!

(Campaign signs photo by Alan Tobey, 2012)

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