August 5, 2014 | Kudos to Bob McGee’s Machining, Inc.

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Brian McGee of Bob McGee’s Machining, Inc. volunteered to fabricate a new crown jet fountainhead out of PVC for Friends of the Fountain and Walk. I highly recommend him for any fabrication project you might be considering: He is very clever, listens to what your needs are, and can easily translate what you want into something tangible.

CrownJetFountainhead_3195The crown jet fountainhead is made out of brass. It is the part that is screwed into the top of the Acanthus finial, and this is where the water spray comes out for the fountain. We were having trouble with the brass crown jet fountainhead getting worn from the constant friction of the water passing through it. The water was wearing small pinholes in the brass around the top. This allowed the water to spray out in places where we did not want. We began having to replace the part too often, so I researched what material would not be so affected by the water friction. PVC is what seemed to be the answer.

I began by calling around, and was referred to Bob McGee’s Machining, Inc. I took the part with the pinholes in it to Brian McGee. He studied the piece and then we went to the supply shelves to look for a piece of PVC that might be suitable. Brian found a solid piece of PVC and we talked about a few dimensions. Brian called me when he had finished fabricating the piece.

PVC_CrownJetFountainhead_3739I installed it with amazing results! The water now comes out of the top much higher than it ever has. We love what Brian made. Thank you!

Brian is now at work on fabricating a second crown jet fountainhead out of PVC with slightly thicker walls, so that it will last even longer.

Thank you for your community support, and for donating your expertise, time and materials. We are grateful!



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