December 2, 2022 | Meet the Four(!) Northbrae Fountains

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Friends and neighbors:

A few pre-pandemic years back, we shared with you the news that an image of a long lost second Northbrae fountain had surfaced. The fellow who found it among several old photos he purchased at a flea market sent it our way. After some sleuthing and a major assist from a real estate agent who identified a house in the photo, we determined that the “lost” fountain (pictured below) had once stood at the intersection of Monterey and The Alameda. We also suggested there had been at least one other fountain installed at the turn of the last century when Northbrae was developed. Here is that story, told in two parts.

Now, an amazing update: This week, a dogged young amateur researcher named Darrell Owens contacted us about some sleuthing he has been doing that was inspired by that 2018 discovery. Darrell writes “The Discourse Lounge,” a newsletter on His most recent post chronicles his discovery of not just one more Northbrae fountain, but two.

One (shown above) stood at the corner of Sutter and Del Norte, at the site of an interurban train stop.

The other (shown here) was located on the island that now serves as a bus stop where Monterey and Colusa intersect. He managed to find images of both, and details the fates that led to both being removed, just as the Monterey/Alameda fountain was. Here is his story.

It is great to finally know the history — and see visual proof — of all four fountains of Northbrae. We don’t think there is still another to be found, but I feel sure Darrell will find it if there is. Thanks, Darrell, for all your hard work. Hope this brings you a few new Substack subscribers.

— Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk

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