June 19, 2020 | Misinformation at The Circle

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Friends and neighbors:

Sometime in the past few days, someone posted a flyer around The Circle claiming that Friends of the Fountain and Walk had removed a banner that had been hung on a nearby fence.

That is not true, and, as far as I can tell, whoever posted that information did not contact our organization to ask if it was true before doing so.

So to set the record straight, here is a response we posted next to one of the flyers (which we also have not removed). There are more around The Circle than we can counter easily, so we hope this will answer any questions about this.

Thanks for reading.

— Michael Gray for the Board of Directors, Friends of the Fountain and Walk

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  • Tam Gray says:

    Never thought of Berkeley as ‘silent’ on any issues! But the fountain is not the place to initiate a grievance … don’t we have enough to deal with at the moment? And Berkeley provides (as noted below) many venues to break silence about issues.

    Civic Involvement
    Berkeley is famous for its high rate of civic involvement and lively democratic process. Most city councils don’t have to worry about overflow crowds at meetings, but it happens here— even when meetings last until 1 a.m.

    Politics aren’t the only way residents get involved. Community members are actively involved in neighborhood issues such as crime prevention and disaster readiness, and they work with teams of city staff on problems like graffiti, neighborhood crime, and earthquake preparedness.

    Berkeley has more than 35 boards and commissions that allow about 350 residents to advise the Council on topics from aging to zoning.

    Meeting notices, agendas and meeting-related documents are online, and many audio and videotapes are also available.

    Council meetings are streamed live on the web and broadcast by KPFB, 89.3 FM and cable channel 33.

    Records Online is an exciting new web feature that enables anyone with access to the Internet to search and access City documents as far back as 1905.

    The Citizens’ Guide to Obtaining Information and Records from the City

    Berkeley neighbors are active in fostering good relationships with the police department and preparing for disasters. There are many ways to get involved in either crime prevention or disaster preparedness, including:

    165 neighborhood Partnership in Crime and watch groups; and
    34 Disaster Preparedness Groups run by the Office of Emergency Services.
    Voter Profile
    Berkeley has 80,963 registered voters.
    Democratic Party: 65 percent
    Republican Party: 4 percent
    Green Party: 3 percent
    Decline to state: 17 percent
    Other: 11 percent

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