July 24 | We are on Twitter!

Friends of the Fountain and Walk is on Twitter! Follow us on Twitter.


SUMMARY OF REPAIRS COMPLETED Thanks to your generous donations, we have now completed repairs: Balusters have been replaced and repaired Some of the sidewalk and steps on Fountain Walk are replaced or repaired All of the coping caps (where you sit around the fountain) have been secured All of the low voltage light fixtures (8) in the upper and middle...


July 16 | Hold the soap — please!

Friends and neighbors: For the second time this month, the fountain was “soaped” today (July 16) — detergent or something else thrown in to make it look like a giant bubble bath. This might seem like harmless fun, but it really takes a toll on the fountain works, and often means draining the pool, which wastes a lot of water....


April 23 | Thank You! The Second Phase of Repairs are Complete

Friends of the Fountain and Walk (FOFW) has just completed the second phase of our repair projects. We would like to make sure that the community knows how grateful we are for their support, and to show you what was accomplished with your donations. Since we completed the first phase (October 2013), here is what we have accomplished with your...


March 10 | Repairs Continue – Update

We are in the last phase of repairs that are made possible with the generous donations from the community. Thank you! On March 11th Hans Thiering Masonry and his crew began repairing Fountain Walk sidewalk and steps, and they also installed 10 more full balusters and one half baluster. The baluster replacements are complete and the sidewalk repairs are also...


March 1 | Update – Web Guru

Thank you for those who responded to our plea for help with updating our web site! We are working with someone to accomplish the redesign, so please stay tuned.

January 1 | Now that the drought is upon us…

A community member asks: I love this fountain. But since we’re in the middle of a terrible drought, I feel like the water should be turned off. Are there any plans to do this? Thank you. Our Response: I am pleased to hear that you love the fountain! Thank you for your concern, which we share. The water is recirculating,...


November 1 | Come See Our Repaired Balusters!

The work to repair damaged balusters has been taking place during October and is almost complete. The most damaged balusters have been replaced and our mason has done a lot of patching to the railings to preserve things a few more years.

October 22 | Report – October 2013

In addition to the nearly $20,000 you helped us raise since October 2011 through 2012, the community has donated over $55,000 in 2013 for this effort. We are pleased to report additional repair funds from the City of Berkeley: the Public Works Department has agreed to contribute $10,000and the Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department $5,000. Our sincerest thanks to the City and all contributors. Over the last year, here is our progress...