April 23, 2014 | Thank You! The Second Phase of Repairs are Complete

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Friends of the Fountain and Walk (FOFW) has just completed the second phase of our repair projects. We would like to make sure that the community knows how grateful we are for their support, and to show you what was accomplished with your donations.

Since we completed the first phase (October 2013), here is what we have accomplished with your generosity:

    1. Replaced an additional 11 balusters, for a total of 90.
    2. Installed a concrete pad for our spare bench on the grassy median in front of the Millennium Oak Tree.
    3. Fountain Walk steps and sidewalk have been repaired – the City shared the cost.
    4. 21 of the 22 coping cap sections surrounding the fountain pool (where you sit) were loose and have been secured.

The City has also gotten into the spirit of fountain maintenance, and in addition to helping with the cost of Fountain Walk repairs, has also accomplished:

  1. Replaced (January 2014) all of the original light fixtures in the middle and upper bowls (many of them had corroded sockets) and electrical junction boxes associated with the fixtures. They also switched to LED lights to reduce maintenance and conserve energy.
  2. Replaced (March 2014) one of the pool lights (it leaked) and the associated junction box.
  3. The City is also taking the lead to replace the main and filter pumps for the fountain, which are both rusted.

We could not have done this without your support.

As always, we welcome volunteers (first Saturday of every month for landscape maintenance) and donations for our reserve fund.

Thanks to District 5 and District 6 for helping us communicate with our neighbors, and for other support for this project.

Friends of the Fountain and Walk

Below is a Recap of our Fund Raising and Expenses

2010$14,737Beginning bank balance
2011$15,888$1,437Anniversary celebration (banners, permits, fliers)
2012$3,901$4,203Deposit for new baluster manufacture
Supplies (broom & merchandise supplies)
2013$66,095$73,174Baluster repairs
Fund raising (stamps, envelopes, banner)
2014$4,779 (through April 16)$13,000Fountain Walk sidewalk/step repairs
Fountain Crown Jet Fountainhead replaced
Boxwood plants (2)
2014($9,834 City
funded maintenance)
Light fixtures/LED lamps-middle/upper bowls
Light fixture/pool
Repairs/Fountain Walk sidewalk/steps
TOTALS$105,400$91,814$13,586 = MAINTENANCE FUND
City TotalCity funded maintenance = $9,834
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