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Today was the twenty-sixth day of the repairs to the fountain. Here is what was done, followed by some photos:

City Parks Department and a small group of Friends of the Fountain and Walk Board members worked on the layout for the two new pumps (main and filter) in the “vault” for the fountain. This included assembling some unistruts to support the piping pieces while we determine where the best location is for all of the equipment.

City Parks Department also removed the wood pieces that were bolted into the tile in the vault. These were supporting the previous pumps.

City Parks Department also cleaned out the inlet and filter sump pipes. There was residue in them from when all of the grinding was done to remove the paint on the fountain pool surface.

The tiles in the vault were cleaned.

We will have to keep the fountain drained until the repairs are completed. Thank you for your patience, and for your help in making this happen. Please follow my daily progress reports. Scroll down on this blog for details on the work and why it’s needed.

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