June 29, 2015 | Art, for Pete’s sake…

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Hi, neighbors. The Fountain and Walk are Berkeley’s oldest public art installation. On occasion, people feel compelled to add their own artistic touches to this civic treasure. In recent days, the stairs at the base of Fountain Walk were “decorated” with chalk designs.

And over the past weekend, the bollards surrounding the fountain were strewn with crepe paper and the traffic signs were affixed with flowers and balloons as part of an apparent “poetry bombing” (all the balloons had bits of poetry or other literary quotes scribbled on them).

Neither of these artistic endeavors did any damage, fortunately. A little rain (let’s all hope) will wash away the chalk. And the poetry will live on, of course, even after the balloons deflate.  But still, Friends of the Fountain and Walk would encourage our neighbors to let the city’s oldest public art speak for itself. It does so eloquently enough already.


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