November 10, 2014 | BERKELEY PROJECT DAY – 8 Nov 2014

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Pam Boland (City Parks) suggested that we add color to the 13 terra cotta pots around The Circle by replanting them with Ivy Geranium with red flowers, Dudlyea Frank Reinelt, and Dudleya Pulverulenta. All of the Aloe Vera plants were given new homes with neighbors.

We also removed the large Agave plants and Ivy and the bottom of Fountain Walk steps and replaced them with Hummingbird Sage plants.

Pam arranged with the Berkeley Project Day to bring UC Berkeley students to the site to help with the work. We appreciate the leadership and supplies provided by Pam and the help from the students, coordinated by Casey Thomas Curry-Wilson. Thank you also to Sara Holmes and Mike Gray with Friends of the Fountain and Walk for their role in organizing.

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