May 20, 2018 | Reminder: Keep the Fountain Sign-Free

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Friends and neighbors:

The November 6 election is fast approaching, and the candidates and ballot measures are working hard to get your attention and your vote. Campaign signs are popping up everywhere, including around The Circle — always a popular spot due to the high volume of traffic that moves through it every day.

So please share this reminder with the candidates and campaigns you might support: Both FOFW and the City of Berkeley request that no campaign signs – or signs of any kind (real estate, yard sales, etc.) – be placed on the island that holds the fountain in the center of The Circle. They can be a distraction and a danger to drivers moving through in the busy roundabout. (And please: No stationing of sign-waving campaign supporters on the island, either.)

Please place any signs (and people) on the parking strips along the sidewalks around The Circle. Thanks.

— Your friends at FOFW

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