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Thanks to your generous donations, we have now completed repairs:

  1. Balusters have been replaced and repaired
  2. Some of the sidewalk and steps on Fountain Walk are replaced or repaired
  3. All of the coping caps (where you sit around the fountain) have been secured
  4. All of the low voltage light fixtures (8) in the upper and middle bowls have been replaced
  5. All of the lights in the upper and middle bowls are now LED
  6. One of the light fixtures in the pool was replaced


Friends of the Fountain and Walk (FOFW) thanks the community for the generous support that allowed us to replace and repair balusters, coping caps and parts of the sidewalk and steps on Fountain Walk.

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What’s coming up?
We are currently planning and fundraising for three important projects:

  • The filter and main pumps for the fountain need to be replaced. The current pumps are near the end of their lifespan. They are rusting and are discoloring the fountain bowls and bears. The City budget does not currently include a line item for this approximately $10,000 expense.
  • The black coating on the bottom of the lower pool is peeling and needs to be resurfaced. Our estimate for this work is about $3,000.
  • Wear and potential damage are real threats to the hand-sculpted features of the fountain. Our plan is to digitally scan the artist’s original plaster models of the grizzly bear cubs and Acanthus finial at the top of the fountain to create a permanent digital record from which future castings could be made if necessary. We are budgeting $10,000 for this effort.

As always, we welcome your generous contribution of any amount to support FOFW’s effort to maintain this historic and economically significant benefit to the Northeast Berkeley area. Please send a tax-deductible check today to (or use Paypal to donate through our web site):

Friends of the Fountain and Walk
P.O. Box 7343
Berkeley, CA 94707

Thank you!

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