December 17, 2016 | Soaping Has Consequences for Fountain, Community

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Friends and neighbors: Overnight on Dec. 16-17, some pranksters tossed two large (half-gallon) bottles of dishwashing liquid into the fountain. By morning, there was a 2-foot tall layer of dense soap suds covering the fountain pool.

While this is an eye-catching sight for some passers-by — “Is that snow?” some drivers asked — it is a real problem and chore for those who help maintain the fountain year-round. We strive to keep the water used in the fountain as untainted as possible, as it recirculates constantly. The closed system means we rarely have to add water to the fountain, a real concern as our drought continues. It also means volunteers must spend hours trying to clean up the mess as best they can. (FOFW board member Scott Dunlap, shown at top, was aided by others, including neighbors Talia, Ben and Keren, below, who pitched in with buckets and brooms.)img_0787

This much soap in the fountain may mean that the water in the system will have to be drained and replaced. We should know in a few days if that is the case. It also means that the fountain will not be running until that decision is made, while a defoaming agent is added to try to break down the soap. It’s unfortunate for us all, as the decorated fountain will not operate or be lit up for a few days during this holiday time.

We will post an update when the fountain is back up and running. In the meantime, please help us discourage what may seem like an innocent prank, but is actually a thoughtless act that has real consequences.


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